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Curry signed it as insurance against his bothersome ankle, and the teams long-term gamble on a talented-but-injury prone player like Curry has paid off, one might say. Go Here next contract will be a whole lot bigger, but Curry says its definitely going to be with Golden State. Related Links: Steph Curry Isnt Worried About The Warriors Because We All Think Were The Best Player Steph Curry said he won’t let his lingering free agency become a distraction: “I want to be back here” Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) September 27, 2016 Steph Curry when asked if he’s optimistic about re-signing w/Golden State in 2017 free agency: “Uh, yes. . I want to be here. That’s it.” Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) September 27, 2016 This is not terribly surprising, as Curry became a megastar and an NBA champion with the Warriors, and its not like Golden State will mess around and give him anything less than the maximum unless he specifically asks for it. And yet, even if he does give the Dubs the mother of all hometown discounts (seriously, the max isnt enough for this guy), his raise will make the teams cap situation even tighter. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are signed for at least three more years (and all on cap-friendly deals that came before the TV-rights spike), and Durant could opt out but will almost certainly not bail on the Warriors after one year. Except, the rest of the roster will get awfully tricky. Andre Iguodala is set to be a free agent after the season, and while hes not a franchise centerpiece, especially at his age, hes still an extraordinary defender and excellent passer who will command one more serious contract.

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Treatment for High Ankle Sprain Like is true of the other ankle sprains, it is important that high ankle sprain be treated at the earliest to prevent worsening of the condition. Check out the article below to know more. The most common cause of cramps is dehydration. Sometimes, the joint becomes so stiff and swollen that activities like walking and running can become extremely painful. Go through this article to develop a better understanding about the possible causes and remedies for stabbing pain in leg. Other prescription medications for swollen ankle treatment include pain relievers and antibiotics. Banana is the best choice when it comes to swollen ankles. Avoid standing or sitting in one place for too long. They diagnose the cause with the help of physical examination and laboratory tests, such as X-rays, and then carry out the treatment accordingly.

(ACRX) | By: Douglas W. House , SA News Editor AcelRx Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ACRX ) initiates a Phase 3 clinical trial, IAP312 , assessing Zalviso (sufentanil sublingual tablet system) for the management of moderate-to-severe pain in adults in a hospital setting. The open-label study will enroll ~315 hospitalized, post-operative patients who will self-administer sublingually (under the tongue) 15 mcg of sufentanil as often as every 20 minutes for 24 – 72 hours to manage their pain. In addition to safety and efficacy measures, the study will collect usability data, including the product’s failure to dispense medication and the incidence of dropped/misplaced tablets. The trial is being conducted at the request of the FDA. The aim is to assess the risk of inadvertent dispensing and the overall risk of dispensing failures because to the high potency of sufentanil (1000x more powerful than heroin). Three previous Phase 3 studies were successful. According to, the estimated study completion date is April 2017. Zalviso is a hand-held device that dispenses a sublingual dose of the synthetic opioid. Its value proposition is a longer durability of analgesic effect compared to an IV pump with less risk of dosing errors due to pump programming errors and the elimination of complications associated with IV catheters. It was approved in Europe in September 2015.

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