However, The Corn Will Get Removed Gradually.

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Sit on a chair and grab the sides for support. There are 26 bones and 33 joints in the foot. However, the corn will get removed gradually. This helps the body to dissolve the clot naturally. Usually your healthcare specialist would prescribe you blood thinners to prevent the clotting, unless you are suffering from some blood related disorder. With time, the bone morphs back to its original shape and regains its original strength. As blood clot considerably disturbs the blood circulation, the affected foot may turn blue, pale or may appear unusually red. Although swelling of the toe is not a life-threatening problem, it is better to seek medical attention to prevent it from becoming serious. While the treatment can easily be done at home, you must make it a point to get it diagnosed from a doctor to know just how serious the problem is, as an untreated corn can lead to further complications. like this

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